Master Plan Roundtable

Master Plan

The Master Plan Roundtable has developed the town Master Plan - a platform that will provide a basis for decision-making regarding the long-term (5-10 years)physical development of the town.  It will have significant impacts on future land development, traffic and economic planning.

The Roundtable was made up of interested residents.  Membership was open to all.

The Roundtable:

1. Worked with the Master Plan consultants chosen by the Steering Committee to complete chapters on the economy, facilities and services, land use and conservation housing and growth, recreation, history and others.

2. Conducted surveys, neighborhood meetings in all sections of town, and used other media to include as many residents and areas of Town as possible. The success of the Master Plan depended upon is the level of inclusiveness achieved.

The process took about 1 ½ years. 

Board Members

Richard Fitzgerald