Solar Access Affordable Home Heating Program

New Energy Programs Increase Access to Solar Generation and Air Source Heat Pumps    10-31-18

In an effort to increase access to new energy technologies for middle income Massachusetts residents, the State Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is partnering with the non-profit Center for EcoTechnology to offer new packages of services and financing.  The Solar Access Affordable Home Heating Program provides an energy coach to help homeowners through an assessment, possible subsidies, special new financing, and technical support to pair solar technology with air source heat pumps.  For many people this combination would reduce the need for standard heating and cooling sources significantly. 

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, even in cold winter temperatures or the hottest summer months, at a fraction of the cost of other systems.  Solar panels can generate all the energy needed for these new heating and cooling systems.  Combining the two can make a huge difference in how much fossil fuel a household needs to stay comfortable. 

Focused on mid-income households, depending on the number of people in the household, participants may be eligible for special loans through UMass Five Colleges Credit Union, up to 30% reduction on system costs, both federal and state tax credits, and 6 months of payments provide by the program. 

Only 100 homes will be serviced in this first round of the program, so contact the Center soon for an assessment and advice.  The Center for Eco Technology can also be reached at 413-341-0418; U Mass Five Colleges Credit Union can be reached at or 1-800-852-5886.