Northfield Community Choice Power Supply Aggregation Program

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NORTHFIELD, MA – The Town of Northfield is implementing an electricity program for residents and small business owners designed to provide a broader choice of green energy, reduce carbon emissions, enhance local control, and achieve better pricing.

The Northfield Community Choice Power Supply Program is an electricity aggregation program that allows for the bulk purchase of electricity for a community on behalf of its residential and small business customers. This type of program was authorized in 1997 by Massachusetts General Law. Electricity customers in Northfield are expected to save more than $283,500 over the term of the 41-month contract.

Electricity Options Offered

Northfield will be offering local electricity customers three options to serve their personal and business electricity needs:

  • The Standard Plan includes Massachusetts RPS of 28% plus 5% Massachusetts Class I Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs),
  • An Optional Plan includes Massachusetts RPS of 28% renewable energy.
  • A second Optional Plan includes Massachusetts RPS plus 25% MA Class I RECs.

By creating this program, Northfield aims to help displace fossil fuel generation and consumption, increase local control purchasing, help create regional jobs in the green energy field, and become part of building capacity in New England renewable energy development.

Northfield was able to enhance its buying power by joining with 11 other Franklin County communities, along with the Town of Huntington, to seek electricity bids. This collaborative group signed a 41-month contract with energy consultant Colonial Power Group and electricity supplier Dynegy Energy Services to design, implement, manage, and supply its electricity program. The Northfield program is slated to begin in August 2020.

“Northfield residents are highly aware of the climate change crisis and look for ways to be part of the solution,” said Andrea Llamas, Northfield Town Administrator. “The new electricity program grants us another way to takes steps toward helping to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and decrease our carbon emissions, while also stabilizing electricity bills during a difficult economic period.”

By implementing a green energy program for electricity, Northfield is helping to meet the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act goal of 80 percent emissions reduction by 2050.

Ease of Transition

Most electricity customers never notice that their electricity is being supplied by a new source. There is no change to electric meters; all service and billing questions still go to Eversource; and bills are still paid to and processed by Eversource. The only change is that the name of the electricity supplier on the bill will be Dynegy Energy Services.

Northfield electricity customers currently on Eversource’s basic rate plan will be automatically enrolled in Northfield’s standard program unless they decide they want to opt-out. Residents and small business owners interested in taking greater action to reduce carbon emissions, can request to be enrolled in the MA RPS plus 25 % MA Class I plan. Those who would like a slightly lower rate can choose to enroll in the optional plan that meets the state’s 28% renewable energy minimum.

Basic Service rates change twice a year or more, depending on rate class. As a result, the aggregation rate may not always be lower than the Basic Service rate. The goal of the aggregation is to deliver savings over the life of the program against Eversource Basic Service. However, such savings and future savings cannot be guaranteed.

Importantly, there are no fees for enrollment or cancellation. Northfield customers can enter and leave the program at their own will. However, anyone switching from a contract with a third-party supplier may be subject to penalties or early termination fees charged by that supplier. Ratepayers should verify terms before switching.

Approximately 150 Massachusetts communities, to date, have chosen to develop community choice electricity programs to benefit their residents and small business owners.

Note: Residents and business owners with a supplier block on their account must contact Eversource to request that the block be removed to participate in Northfield’s new green electricity program.

 For more information about Northfield’s Community Choice Power Supply Program, visit www.colonialpowergroup/northfield or call (866) 485-5858 ext. 1.