UPDATE: Schell Bridge/Pedestrian Bridge Project

Schell Bridge postcard

8/15/17- After reviewing the comments the design team WSP has narrowed down the options from eight to three and is investigating options on each.
1. Prefabricated Truss-with the possibility of making the truss deeper and replicating the curvature of the existing bridge

2. Perfabricated Steel Arch/Tunable System- With the possibility of improving the aesthetics of a couple of details noted in the comments.

3. Steel Tied Arch- possibly combining the preferred attributes of Alternatives 3 & 6, noting that extending the base o f the arch to a lower elevation as shown in Alternative 6 would not be preferred due to hydraulics, permitting and other concerns.


To view the original presentation and concept drawings presented on June 1, 2017 by MASSDoT: 

Schell Bridge Pedestrian Walkway presentation

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Judy is Chair of the Schell Bridge Advisory Committee.