Votes on Waiving interest/penalties on Tax Payments & Exemptions Extension

Last day for taxpayer to qualify for waiver of interest is June 29, 2020
taxes due

At the Selectboard meeting on 4/13/20, a vote was taken to "waive the payment of interest and penalties in the event of late payment of excise tax, real and personal property tax, and the annual sewer use charges added to a tax for any payment with a due date on or after March 10, 2020 and made after its respective due date before June 30, 2020."

The last day for a taxpayer to pay the bill and qualify for the waiver of interest is June 29, 2020

A second vote was taken to "extend the due date for applications for exemption of taxes from April 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020(Note: no later than June 1, 2020; also per DOR this extensionwill automatically apply to deferrals under G.L. C. 59, s. 5 [18A] and [41A], residential exemptions under G.L. C. 59, 2. 5C, and small commercial exemptions under G.L. c. 59, s. 5I)


The Town Hall is currently closed due to the State of Emergency.   Payments can be mailed to the Town Hall, made online, or we have a black lock box to the right of the rear entrance to the Town Hall.   This box will be checked daily and payments will be posted as of the day prior to checking the box.   If you would like a receipt please enclose a self-addressed envelope and the whole bill and a copy will be mailed back to you, stamped paid.   If you would like a phone call confirming that your payment has been received, please leave your phone number on your bill and Melissa will call to confirm receipt. Interest and fees are waived due to the present circumstances. The Collector/Treasurer will be open for phone calls Monday thru Wednesday 9am - 4pm. 413-498-2901 x113