Dog Licensing

Download the form if you want to mail in or stop by the office to register your dog. (Recommended for new dogs)

Click here to register and pay online.

**Late fees apply after March 31**

Registering & Licensing of Dogs

By-Law voted at Annual Town Meeting on 5/6/2002

All persons residing in the Town of Northfield and keeping and /or maintaining a dog in said Town shall be obligated to register/license each dog on an annual basis. Proof of current rabies vaccination will be required at registration as required under General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 140, Section 137 and Section 145B, or any amendments thereto. Registering/licensing, will be held between February 14 and March 31 of each year. Residents acquiring new dogs six months old or over, or new residents who bring dogs six months old or over into the Town of Northfield will have 30 days from the date of acquiring the dog, or in the case of a new resident, from the date when such person begins residency in which to comply with the Bylaw. Violation of the Bylaw may be penalized by a non-criminal disposition of the violation as provided in the General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 40, Section 21D. Penalty: $15. Enforcing Persons: Dog Officer, Police Officers & Town Clerk.

Leash Law

By-Law Voted at Annual Town Meeting on 5/1/2000

No dog shall be permitted in any street or public place unless it is effectively restrained by a chain or leash not exceeding twelve (12) feet in length twenty-four (24) hours per day. No person shalll keep any dog which by biting, barking, howling or in any manner disturbs the peace and quiet of a neighborhood or endangers the safety of any person; nor shall any person permit to roam unleased any dog that wantonly or without provocation worries or attacks any person or dog or other animal. Enforcement shall be the responsiblility of the Police Department and/or the Dog Officer. A fine of $25.00 will be levied for each violation of thei by-law.