Community Preservation Committee

CPA Fund Overview

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was adopted by Northfield voters on November 4, 2008. The Act authorizes a surcharge, with certain exemptions, on property tax bills, and the funds are to be segregated and used for specific purposes. The funds must be used for the acquisition, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation or creation of:

Historical Resources
Community Housing
Open Space
Recreational Resources

Ten percent of receipts must be used (or banked) for each of these three components. Five percent of receipts may be used by the Community Preservation Committee(CPC) for administrative purposes such as appraisals, surveys, presentation materials, etc. The remainder of the receipts may be used for any of the three components eligible for funding. The funds may not be used for routine maintenance or to replace operating budgets.

Community Preservation Committee Members

NameAppointed by
Anthony Matteo

Finance Committee

Jessie Wiggin

Historical Commission

Robert Hall, Jr.

Planning Board

Open Space Committee

Rhoda Yucavitch


Eleanor Goodman