Sewer Rate Classification System

Dear Northfield Sewer User,
The Sewer Commission has recently approved a new sewer rate classification system for the Town of Northfield. The previous system utilized water usage, which was obtained by the water district serving your residence. The new rate structure instead uses equivalent dwelling units per residence, which is based off of property types and classifications, and is a flat rate for the year.
It is the Commission’s hope that the new rate structure will help to reduce the burden of the costs placed on single family homes. An example of some of the classifications are provided bellow. For the first-year billing cycle, you will receive the 1st half of your bill January 2020, and the 2nd half in June 2020. Every year thereafter, bills will be sent out in September and March.

Single Family HomeEach House1.0$641.00
ApartmentEach Apt.0.75$480.75
LaundromatEach Washer1.25$801.25
DormEach Room0.20$128.20

If you have any questions regarding the rate please contact the Sewer Commission or Sewer Department. If you have a question regarding your actual bill, please contact the Town Treasurer-Collector.
Northfield Sewer Commission