Open Space Committee

Mission Statement

The Open Space Committee's job is to implement the Northfield Open Space and Recreation Plan. The current version was approved in 2021, is in effect until 2028, and can be viewed by following the "Open Space & Recreation Plan" link above left. The main goals of the plan are to: Ensure that Northfield protects farmland, forest land, scenic views, and other open space vital to sustaining the town's historic rural character and maintaining the quality of air, water, and wildlife habitats; and to Ensure that Northfield maintains and improves the variety, quality, and accessibility of recreational facilities important in the twenty-first century for health and well-being of all residents, and promote the use of these facilities and any organized programming thereof. The details, including the seven-year action plan, can be found in the plan. 

Board Members

Robert Perlman



Planning Board appointee



Amy Tibbetts


Sarah Kerns

Conservation Commission apptee 2025