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For the most updated information on COVID Vaccines, please see the "Vaccine Information" section of the town website. It is VITAL to continue wearing your mask and maintaining social distance of at least 6 feet, even AFTER you receive your vaccination! The virus can still be passed along to those unvaccinated in our community as well as a chance you can still get very sick, even after being vaccinated. For detailed information, visit:

Updates to Virtual Entertainment and Educational Offerings - Follow the desired link on the LEFT (your left), side of the page. The RIGHT "News and Announcements" links are General Information.

Please Refer to the "Meals" and "Transportation" links on the left side of this page for detailed information. All regular groups and programs will be updated as information becomes available with "Zoom" meeting links and other virtual meeting and game options. 

The Northfield Senior Center's Town Hall physical location, in cooperation with local Board of Health, is operating with limited hours, out of consideration for safety of patrons and the general public. Van service will continue to prioritze medical needs, but check out the "transportation" link for detailed information on all options for van use. The Council on Aging volunteers and staff will conduct daily "check in calls" to our most vulnerable and isolated patrons. If you would like to be added to the call list, please leave a message at 413-498-2901x114 or email the Council on Aging staff at Thank you for your understanding during this difficult period and please follow health guidelines for social distancing, handwashing and general safe practices during this Pandemic crisis phase.

We hope to see you all when we will be back "in person" with regular programming. 


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Keech Program Coordinator 413-498-2901 x 123
Colleen Letourneau Director 413-498-2901 x 114