Grant Development Director

The Northfield Grant Dashboard is LIVE! Click here to access the dashboard, where you can see all the grants currently operating in Northfield - as well as what grants we have or haven't received in the past, and what we're planning to apply for in the future.

Grant priorities are developed collaboratively by soliciting input annually from department heads (ex: highway superintendent; library director; etc.) through a Grant Priority Notification Form. If you are interested in a particular grant, or have a grant priority, you can let me know by reaching out to me directly, and/or submitting a Grant Priority Notification Form.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact me by clicking on my name on this page (Leslie Roberts), and sending an email. I am almost always in the office on Mondays, and usually on Tuesdays, but tend to work remotely Wednesday/Thursday. My office is down the first floor hallway at Town Hall, on the right side of the auditorium.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Leslie Roberts (413) 498-2901 ext. 111